DC Archbishop Gregory Orders Priests to Dress in Cassocks and Protest Trump on Monday He Attacked President Trump and Catholic First Lady on Religious Freedom Event!

Washington DC Archbishop Wilton Gregory Published a statement for visiting with the John Paul II National Shrine, lashing out.

Clueless Archbishop Gregory lectured President Trump on”protecting the rights of all people even those with whom we could disagree” while at exactly the identical time attacking him for visiting a Catholic Shrine.
Prior to signing an executive order promoting liberty, president Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited with the Catholic Shrine.
The press failed to report that significant detail within their reach pieces President Trump.

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Instead, the headlines were made by Archbishop Gregory since he LECTURED for visiting the shrine, President Trump!
What a petty and disgraceful man.
Currently there are reports that Archbishop Gregory is ordering Catholic Priests protest President Trump on Monday and to groom in cassocks.
This really is a development with this church leader that is wicked!
Church Militant mentioned:

At a bald-faced breach of their civil rights as American taxpayers, Washington, D.C.’s Abp. Wilton Gregory is ordering his clergy to groom in cassocks (or at least blacks) and protest President Trump in 11 a.m. Monday morning in Lafayette Park, then march into the White House at noon.

Archbishop Gregory is a very dishonest guy.
President Donald Trump is really the most pro-life president in US history and Gregory is faking his occasion really is that a Pro-life protest?
This identical fool presided over a funeral at which pro-abortion Democrat Nancy Pelosi delivered the eulogy.

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