Czech President Milos Zeman: “Black Lives Matter Is Racist”

Zeman added,”The motto Black Lives Issue is racist because most lives depend.”
Obviously, he’s got a point.

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Die Presse reported (Translated)

Milos Zeman established his statement on the simple fact that”all lifestyles depend”. You don’t need”new ideas leaders”.
Czech President Milos Zeman has described the motto”Black Lives Issue” as”racist”. He said this on Tuesday at a reception at the US embassy in Prague about the upcoming State Day (July 4) of the USA, Czech media reported Wednesday.
“The motto’Black resides issue’ is racist because all lives depend,” said Zeman against the backdrop of present worldwide protests triggered by the passing of African American American George Floyd on May 25 during a brutal police performance in Minneapolis. Zeman criticized the harm to monuments and cars’ lighting.
According to Zeman, who was formerly party leader of the Social Democrats, the freedom to form opinions should be retained by culture at the Czech Republic and in the USA. Independent thinking and audio reason are needed,” says Zeman.
Activists of this movement repeatedly emphasize the motto”Black Lives Issue” is not utilised to balance the lives of black people against white folks. Rather, it shows racism in the US and elsewhere; The motto brings the attention of the world public. This doesn’t indicate that white people’s lifetime isn’t important.

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