Crooked Hillary Shares Photo of Pitch Black White House to Bash President Trump — Too Bad Photo Was From Obama Years!

Go away Crooked Hillary.

Hillary Clinton posted a tweet Monday assaulting President Trump during the continuing leftist riot pandemic spreading throughout the country.
The purpose of crooked is that the White House was lit up for the Communist Chinese in Rainbow for Red and gays.
President Trump, on the other hand, switched off the lights on the White House this week during the violent leftist rioting at Washington DC.
Bad BOTH Photos were out of the Obama years.
The photo was from 2015.
Hillary utilized President Trump to be attacked by an Obama White House photo.
The photo of this White House blackout was from 2015!
Obama campaign director David Axelrod also tweeted it out.

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The not-President Hillary Clinton on Monday shared a side-by-side photo of this White House, one lit up from 2015, when Barack Obama was in office, and another virtually in pitch black with no light. “Elections matter,” tweeted Clinton.
Former Obama adviser David Axelrod shared exactly the exact same picture of this darkened White House, calling it”perfect symbolism,” since,”if the country needed the occupant of the White House to shed light, rather than heating, now is the moment. Regrettably, the lights are out”
Nevertheless it turns out the photo as a metaphor for the apathy toward racism and police brutality of Trump was like the rainbow White House passed .

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