Couple Who Were Once Torn Apart Reunite After 53 Years, Find Daughter Given Up for Adoption

Septuagenarian sweethearts, Karen and Denny Vinar from Northfield, Minnesota, first met and fell in love when they were just 11 and 13 years of age. The then-teen girl fell pregnant at 14 and the two were encouraged to give up their baby for adoption. Sadly, circumstances kept them apart for over five decades until a chance social media connection began a new chapter in their love story. Together, they relocated their long-lost daughter and wrote a book about their extraordinary journey. Karen, 75, now credits divine intervention for their reunion. “There could have been so many twists and turns in our lives that would not have allowed us to get back together again,” she told The Epoch Times in an interview. “God meant us to be together.” “We started off together and we’re gonna end up together,” said Denny, 78. Karen and Denny were junior and high school sweethearts. The …

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