Couple Quit Corporate Jobs to Save Wife’s Family Ranch on the Ropes—Succeed Making It Profitable Again

Old-fashioned family cattle farms—like the dying embers of a campfire—are on the brink of being snuffed out into ashes in the United States.
But it might not be too late to save them.
So says Avery Claire, 30, who grew up on one before moving to Jersey island, off the coast of France, where she worked in finance and eventually met her husband, Marc, 32. That was until she got a phone call from her dad, Needham Mallory, telling her they were selling the farm she grew up on. Avery wasn’t about to let that happen.
“In the U.S., we lose around 2,000 acres of farm and ranchland every day and I refused to let our family farm become part of that statistic,” she told The Epoch Times. So, to rescue the ranch, she and Marc made a life-altering decision to pull up, quit their jobs, and move to LaGrange, Georgia, in 2019. “Saving the family farm for generations to come was the driving force behind this,” she said….

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