Cooler Weather Coleslaw

Are you looking for a coleslaw to carry you through the fall season? A slaw you might even consider inviting to the holiday table? This recipe obliges with an autumnal touch to the traditional summery cabbage coleslaw. In place of cabbage, the favorite fall vegetable—aka the Brussels sprout—steps up to the plate. OK, OK, I know that Brussels sprouts aren’t everyone’s favorite vegetable, but hear me out. The Brussels sprouts in this recipe aren’t cooked (it’s the cooking process that will often unleash the dreaded sulfurous aroma that is off-putting to many). This recipe keeps the sprouts raw and may, just may, get a few sprout haters to accept this little crucifer on their dinner plate. In this slaw, thinly sliced or shredded Brussels sprouts take over the role that cabbage plays in a traditional coleslaw, which is a reliable crunchy vegetable that will stand up to robust and sharp …

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