Controversy Around Georgia Voting Law Centered on Democrat Opposition to Voter ID

News Analysis Voices of the American establishment, from celebrities to corporate executives, have recently arisen to condemn the state of Georgia for its recent amendment of its voting laws. While some of the criticism is based on false information, the crux of it aims at voter identification—a measure long opposed by the Democratic Party. The Georgia law expands voting options, such as early voting and ballot drop boxes, beyond the status quo. It’s more permissive in some regards than some Democrat strongholds, such as New York. Its core voter integrity measure that appears to be at the heart of the controversy is the demand for voters to provide identification in order to cast a ballot not only in person, but also absentee. Voter ID laws are common in Republican-leaning states, though they don’t necessarily extend to absentee voting. Georgia set up the requirement after the 2020 general election saw a …

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