Conservative Groups Asks DC Mayor For Permission To Paint Own Message On Street

After George Floyd died on Memorial Day while in the custody of Minneapolis authorities, Washington, D.C., rioters ran roughshod across the nation’s capital, burning historical churches and defacing America’s monuments and memorials.
But rather than shutting down the criminals, Mayor Muriel Bowser chose to invest taxpayer money by sending outside city leaders to paint a roadway beside the White House with a message. In large yellow letters, even the road artists scrawled”BLACK LIVES MATTER.”
“There are those that are craving to be observed and to be observed and to have their humanity comprehended, and we had the opportunity to send that message loud and clear on a very important road in our town,” Bowser stated at a media conference. “And it is that message, and that message will be to the people, that Black Lives Issue black humanity matters, and we as a town increase that up within our worth as a town.”
Now a conservative group wants to be allowed to do the identical thing.

Judicial Watch, a watchdog group has asked Bowser and D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine for permission to paint”Since No One is Above the Law!” Onto a Capitol Hill road.
“Mayor Bowser made a decision to turn D.C. roads into a forum for public expression. Judicial Watch seeks equivalent access to apply this brand new forum to teach Americans from painting our company’s motto and inspiration,’Since No One Is Above the Law! ,”’ about a Capitol Hill road,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in an declaration.
The team said it is ready to fight for the right in court if their petition is denied, mentioning”viewpoint discrimination”
“This principle of law message is timely, as it is a reminder that principle of law applies to — and shields — all Americans,” Fitton said. “If we’re unlawfully denied access and confront view discrimination, we’re ready to go to court to vindicate that our First Amendment rights.”
Washington, D.C., has among the highest crime rates in America compared to communities of all sizes — the opportunity for becoming a casualty of violent or property offense is reportedly one in 17.
Protesters final Saturday painted”defund the authorities” close mural reading,”Black Lives Issue.”  Washington Post reporter Samantha Schmidt, that states in her Twitter bio that she covers”sex and family problems,” explained Black Lives Matter organizers painted the concept.

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