Compassionate Exemptions Cast Aside by Ottawa’s Desire for ‘Strong’ Travel Vaccine Mandate: Court Documents

The federal government made a conscious and well-thought-out decision to impose a strict travel vaccination mandate that wouldn’t allow compassionate exemptions, court documents reveal.
The documents obtained recently by The Epoch Times relate to four lawsuits challenging the mandate that have shed some light on the thinking that led to a policy that aimed to have a “strong” and “world-leading” mandate.
Jennifer Little, director general of the COVID Recovery Team at Transport Canada, was responsible for drafting the mandate policy, which included developing recommendations for decision-makers with regard to mandate exemptions.
Little, who submitted an affidavit in April, was cross-examined in early June as a government witness in defence of the travel mandate. She was asked during cross-examination whether it was her idea to not have compassionate exemptions….

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