Chinese-Made Portable Power Banks Can Spy on Users: Report

Mainland Chinese media recently revealed that China-made portable power banks can eavesdrop on and locate users. They are available on the Chinese market and are not regulated by the regime.
The periodical Ban Yue Tan reported on July 27 that in recent years, power banks that can eavesdrop, position individuals, and have other functions that spy on users, are sold on the market. Just by modifying a built-in communication SIM card, the power bank can be transformed into a listening device and a tracker, enabling remote monitoring and precise positioning anytime, anywhere.
According to the report, when a resident, surnamed Wang in Guiyang city, took his power bank in for repair, the technician found eavesdropping and positioning equipment in it. The technician told him that once someone uses the function remotely, Mr. Wang’s life will be “live broadcast” without him knowing it….

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