Chinese Leader Xi Jinping Must Follow Mao Zedong’s Path, State Media Hint

With a major political meeting scheduled in November, where crucial decisions will be made for the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) leadership appointments next year, Chinese state media have been hinting at Xi Jinping’s need to follow in Mao Zedong’s footsteps by becoming the Party’s supreme, life-time leader. Several state media recently reiterated remarks Xi made five years ago about the 1935 Zunyi Conference, a crucial meeting during the CCP’s Red Army’s so-called “Long March.” The outcome of the conference was a major power shift in which Mao Zedong replaced the former CCP leaders and established Mao as the supreme leader of the Party and the military. The Central radio network under the China Media Group on Oct. 5 published an article by Gong Fangbin, a professor at the PLA’s National Defence University. It quoted Xi as saying in October 2016, at a conference marking the 80th anniversary of the Long …

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