Chinese Communist Changes World Views After Studying in Taiwan, Getting Arrested for Bypassing Firewall

After being arrested for using a VPN to bypass China’s Great Firewall and experiencing a lot of anxiety and mental torture, 24-year-old Chen Yuzhen (pseudonym) was finally able to flee China. In an interview with The Epoch Times, he opened his heart and shared his horrible experience. In the early morning of June 10, 2020, Chen, sleeping soundly, was suddenly awakened by sharp and intense knocks on the door. Several plainclothes police officers broke into his small, shared rental apartment, and started checking all of his electronic devices. Everything was turned upside down in no time. Chen had never expected that such a disaster would befall him. “I asked what department they belonged to, but they refused to answer. They just kept searching everywhere, and looking for electronic devices, mobile phones, and others. They asked if we had connections to any foreign forces, whether we had joined any organizations, and …

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