China’s Rapidly Deteriorating Criminal Justice System, and How It Will Affect the Outside World

Commentary Ever since Xi Jinping consolidated his power, China’s already flawed and fragile criminal justice system deteriorated significantly. Not only have new extra and outright illegal methods of detention and investigation been installed, but existing due process requirements and legal safeguards have been further hollowed out. Safeguard Defenders has been at the forefront with a series of reports exposing such developments and their impact on criminal defendants and political targets in China. The myriad of developments, however haphazard they may appear, are all part of the same strategy: strengthening political control over society and allow the current ruling clique of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to hold onto power. Nowhere is this clearer than with “FoxHunt” and “SkyNet,” two different but related campaigns ostensibly designed to “combat corruption and government malpractice” which extend outside of China’s own borders. Since this process of further deterioration started, the use of the extra-legal …

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