China’s Plenary Session Reveals Xi Jinping’s Tenuous Hold on Power: Scholars

The Chinese regime released the summary of its plenary session on the afternoon of Nov. 16, five days after the session ended, a near-week delay that is uncommon for the publication. Scholars commented that ongoing struggles between factions within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) caused the delay. Though the Chinese regime is a one-party dictatorship headed by Xi Jinping, groups of senior officials and generals who are loyal to previous leaders are challenging his rule. Scholars are divided on whether Xi will be able to maintain his position as a lifelong ruler. If he does hold power, he may not be able to control the regime the way he wants. “Xi Jinping wants to be the second Mao Zedong,” Feng Chongyi, a professor on China studies at the University of Technology Sydney, told the Chinese edition of The Epoch Times on Nov. 16. Mao headed the CCP until the end of …

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