China’s Guangzhou City Unexpectedly Suspended Vaccination Amid Worsening COVID-19 Outbreak

China’s southern city of Guangzhou has become the epicenter of a major new coronavirus outbreak. Starting May 31, locals must present a “health code” if they want to leave the city, an indication of a semi-lockdown. At the same time, however, local authorities decided to stop all vaccinations without a sensible explanation. Guangzhou’s deputy mayor Li Ming announced at the city’s epidemic control press conference on May 31 that mass vaccination against COVID-19 was suspended starting immediately. According to Li, the decision was based on two concerns: One, a shortage of manpower, as medical staff was needed to administer mass nucleic acid testing. Two, Guangzhou residents now felt an urgency to get vaccinated, and vaccination sites were overcrowded, posing the risk of virus transmission. However, the true reason why Guangzhou authorities suspended all vaccination could have something to do with the low effectiveness of Chinese-made vaccines––they simply don’t work well. …

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