China’s CCP vs India’s BJP: Tiananmen Red Flag Propaganda Video at Galwan Signals Rocky 2022 Relationship

NEW DELHI, India—The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began its new year greetings to India with a propaganda video showing its troops at Galwan valley with a red flag from “Tiananmen Square.” Galwan valley is a large region over 17,800 feet above sea level on both sides of the disputed India-China border and includes the site of a bloody conflict between the two neighbors in June 2020. “China’s national flag rise[s] over Galwan Valley on the New Year Day of 2022,” wrote Shen Shiwei, a Chinese overseas stake analyst based in Beijing whose Twitter account is described as “Chinese state-affiliated media.” “This national flag is very special since it once flew over Tiananmen Square in Beijing,” wrote Shen. The same video is shared from other Chinese state mouthpieces. The symbolic red flag on the communist side of the Galwan valley was reciprocated with an Indian tri-color on the Indian side of …

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