China ‘Weaponizing’ Americans’ Personal Data: Expert

A cyber intelligence expert said China “is weaponizing [Americans’] personal information” through stolen data and artificial intelligence (AI) and called on the United States to take reciprocal action against the Chinese regime. “We see a weakening China, which is not what they are telling the world they are [economically],” said Bob Gourley, a cyber intelligence pioneer and former chief technology officer at the Defense Intelligence Agency. “It’s going to put a lot of stress and pressure on them to find new sources of revenue.” “These new sources of revenue are things that include exploitation of intellectual property, more ransomware, more direct theft electronically,” he told NTD earlier this month. “I see the near future as being one of a lot of dangers from Chinese surveillance,” he said. That surveillance is used in AI that helps to coordinate and correlate user data, and can be utilized to analyze and attribute things down to …

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