China in Focus (April 6): US Warship in East China Sea Near Shanghai

A U.S. warship enters the East China Sea and heads close to China’s biggest city after a Chinese aircraft carrier passed through an important Japanese waterway. Amid Beijing’s increasing aggression in the Indo-Pacific, the German defense minister says the West “must not be the weaker one.” Major League Baseball expands its contract with a Chinese company that has significant ties to the Chinese Communist Party. The NBA previously had some issues with programming in China. A Chinese couple lost their assets after volunteering for their community during the pandemic. One of them has been forced to quarantine for over 70 days. A reporter in Malta was killed while investigating a potential web of corruption. Now, investigations have found a Chinese man after piecing together the money trail she was following. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more first-hand news from China. For more news and videos, please visit our website and Twitter.

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