Chile Begins Fourth Vaccine Dose to Prevent the CCP Virus

SANTA CRUZ, Bolivia—Outgoing president Sebastian Pinera announced that as of Jan. 10 the nation will begin the next series of vaccinations against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus. Immunocompromised people over 12 years of age who received their first booster dose before Sept. 12 last year will be eligible for a fourth dose, or second booster, of the vaccine. Pinera said, “The world and Chile have been suffering the devastating consequences of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 for more than two years and today, due to the new variant Omicron, the world is experiencing record levels of contagion.” The second stage will begin on Feb. 7 when residents over 55 years of age, who received their first booster before Aug. 15 of the previous year, will have access to the next round of immunizations. Chile is the first Latin American nation to offer the second booster dose against the virus. …

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