Cheerleader Posts Amazing Comeback on Facebook After Bullies Mock Her at Rally: ‘Are You Proud …?’

One teenage cheerleader’s Facebook post has attracted attention after she called out a group of bullies who mocked her at school. Noelle Tyre posted a picture of herself wearing her cheerleading uniform, a huge smile plastered across her face. From the picture, you’d never know it was taken right after she’d been publicly bullied in front of her entire school. “This picture was taken two hours after I was made fun of and bullied in front of my entire school at a pep rally,” she wrote. “You wouldn’t know, would you?” Noelle explained that on her senior cheer night, a group of teens decided to publicly humiliate her. “Friday afternoon a group of kids decided to embarrass me and make a mockery of me in front of the school,” she said. “My senior year pep rally, my senior cheer night … this was the day they decided to put me …

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