CHAZ Warlord Raz Simone Has Meltdown Because Ambulance Won’t Enter Shooting Scene Without Police Protection

Seattle anarchist zone warlord Raz Simone had a meltdown this weekend over the refusal of an undercover squad to go into Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) to react to a shooting incident early Saturday morning before authorities were allowed to accompany them.
Simone posted movie of a Seattle ambulance group being berated but promised protection. The ambulance squad leader can be seen on the movie speaking about dispatch awaiting their permission.
In comments submitted in answer to Twitter to critics, Simone backpedaled being an autonomous zone apart from the USA.

TRENDING Reports of’100 People Fighting With Weapons’

“Medics refused to help even after individuals from the CHOP begged. They let until he died, our bro bleed out for 30 minutes. Fuck politics. Fuck your own currupt system.”
Excerpt from the Seattle Times report on the fire:

…A movie posted to Instagram by Seattle musician Raz Simone, who has been a frequent attendance at CHOP, reveals fire department medics awaiting a block off, despite the filmer’s desperate pleas to allow them to reply to the scene of the shooting.
“I want to be certain that people have never been cleared to move in the scene,” a jet driver states into the radio. “That’s negative,” comes the answer.
A citizen writer using Converge Media, video shot at Omari Salisbury, reveals police arriving at the shooting scene at a phalanx, guns drawn. They have been met by crying protesters, who told them the victim had already been carried to the hospital.
Body camera movie released by authorities Saturday reveals yelling protesters, many utilizing profanities and several coming right up into the marching officers, even as an officer claims into a bullhorn,”Please go out of their way so we can get into the victim! All we would like to do is reach the victim”
Protesters may be heard shouting at the officers to”set your guns down!”
At one stage, a group of protesters formed a human chain to try from following the authorities to prevent protesters.
Meanwhile, since protests started volunteer medics, that were a fixture in the region, treated the first gunshot victim. He was taken by A automobile a mile south. He arrived at 2:43 a.m. and had been pronounced dead 11 minutes later, according to the fire department timeline…

Bennett stated she utilized her sweatshirt for a tourniquet to try to stanch the bleeding and requested someone to call 911. Bennett said they discovered another wound and examined the man After a volunteer CHOP medic came with a first aid kit.
The man’s skin was turning his breathing was shallow,” she explained, and if it became clear an ambulance was not coming — or would not be there quickly enough — she and others pushed him into a van and hurried to Harborview, arriving at 3:06 a.m., in which a medical staff was waiting out. He remained in the hospital, together with life-threatening accidents, Saturday evening, according to authorities.
Bennett said she had been challenged by a police officerwho she said”told me when they reacted to the first victim they were chased from there, that explains why they didn’t come for the next one.”

End excerpt. Please see the Seattle Times article that is full .