search Defends Angry “White Lives Don’t Matter” Professor Priyamvada Gopal – Cambridge Rewards Her with Full Professorship

College campuses are somewhat toxic.
Cambridge professor Priyamvada Gopal hates. She recently tweeted “white lives do not matter”
This spacious racism is approved on several campuses now.

She subsequently sent a followup tweet:”Abolish whiteness.”

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Following her tweet that a request was started for Cambridge to flame the racist.
But took down the request.
The Washington Free Beacon reported: entered a request that calls Cambridge University to firing a professor who announced that”white lives do not matter” after the petition gained traction and accumulated more than 20,000 signatures.
Cambridge English professor Priyamvada Gopal tweeted,”White Lives Do Not Matter. As white lives,” on June 23, sparking backlash by students, alumni, as well as Twitter, which removed the professor’s tweet. Students created a request calling Cambridge to firing the professor for her opinions. The request garnered over 20,000 signatures but had been removed by the website — for targeting individuals that are tied to 31, which has served as a driver. A spokesman asserted the request was a form of”bullying” since it singled out Gopal.

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And she was promoted by Cambridge to professorship following her tweet that was racist.

On Thursday, Gopal, who is a Professor in the Faculty of English and a Fellow of Churchill College, tweeted that she had been”thrilled” to announce that”last night Cambridge promoted me to a full Professorship”. Her research interests are recorded as colonial and postcolonial literature and theory, gender and feminism, Marxism and critical race studies.

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