CBS Acknowledges Authenticity of Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Over two years after the 2020 election, another major media outlet has finally conceded that Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop is, in fact, real.

The New York Post reports that the admission from CBS News came exactly 769 days after the Post first broke the story back in October of 2020. CBS correspondent Catherine Herridge, formerly a Fox News reporter, said in a recent report that she had gotten ahold of a copy of the hard drive from Hunter’s computer from Delaware computer repairman John Paul Mac Isaac, and that the drive and its files were confirmed as authentic by computer scientists in Minnesota.

The research team that confirmed its legitimacy was led by former computer crimes expert for the Secret Service Mark Lanterman, whose firm determined that the contents of the infamous laptop had been gradually accumulated over time, with no evidence of being altered or created by external users.

Herridge further reported that several sources confirmed the contents of the laptop, as well as key context to a cryptic message that went viral after the laptop’s existence was discovered.

“Two of Hunter Biden’s former business partners, including Tony Bobulinski, who received the email, told CBS News that the 10% ‘held by H for the big guy’ was shorthand for 10% held by Hunter for his father,” said Herridge in her report. “The author [of the email, James Gilliar] has not responded to CBS News’ questions.”

The computer contained many such emails revealing the extent of Hunter Biden’s shady foreign business deals utilizing his father’s fame and power, as well as Joe Biden’s more direct role in several deals. In addition, there were numerous photographs and videos depicting Hunter’s degenerate lifestyle, including rampant drug abuse and frequent sex with prostitutes, among other things.

But after the Post initially broke the story, the rest of the mainstream media denounced the laptop story as “Russian disinformation” and a “hoax,” with many outright refusing to cover the story. The biggest social media websites, including Twitter and Facebook, even went so far as to ban any efforts to share the story’s original URL, thus preventing the spread and discussion of the story. The Post was even temporarily locked out of its own Twitter account for several weeks prior to the election.

Only now, after the suppression of the story has widely been cited as one of the major reasons for Biden’s apparent victory over President Donald Trump in 2020, have several other mainstream media outlets finally acknowledged that the story is true. In March, both the Washington Post and New York Times released reports confirming the authenticity of the laptop and its contents.

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