Catholics Can Circumvent the Scourge of Identity Politics in Schools

Commentary With schools opening, and Parliament’s flag flying at half mast during a federal election, it is timely to assess how George Floyd’s death and discovered graves deemed to be of indigenous children near former residential schools have influenced the Canadian educational landscape. National reckoning about the country’s identity began in the summer of 2020 when many Canadian leaders ventriloquized aggressive demands of an ascendant Black Lives Matter movement. Iconic statutes began falling, churches started burning, and guardians of civic institutions proffered chorus-like confessions that theirs were systemically racist organizations, evils of which they had heretofore been oblivious. How did Catholic schools, founded on a Judeo-Christian ethos and millennia-old insights about the nature of evil and reconciliation, address festering wounds in our national psyche? Were they emboldened by fidelity to these powerful ancient teachings or turn for inspiration toward critical race theorists and their allies? As they open their doors …

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