Cash for Moise Killing Came From South Florida Man, Cops Claim. He Did Nothing Wrong, Lawyer Says

By Jay Weaver, Kevin G. Hall, Jacqueline Charles, and Antonio Maria Delgado From Miami Herald MIAMI—The rule of thumb in any good investigation is to follow the money. For Haitian police investigating the July 7 assassination of their president, the money trail partially runs through a little-known Ecuadorian emigre and a private lender who lives in Broward County. In the two weeks since the shocking murder of President Jovenel Moise, police in Haiti have repeatedly during news conferences flashed the image of Walter Veintemilla and the name of his company, Worldwide Capital Lending Group. The money for the assassination plot, they’ve alleged, ran through Veintemilla, a Weston resident, and his Miramar-based firm. The company’s name sounds like it has a global reach. But it basically operates as a private party lender, the kind of company that deals with people who can’t easily get a bank loan or who don’t want the scrutiny …

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