California Governor Sued for Endless State of Emergency

SANTA CLARA, Calif.—California Gov. Gavin Newsom is facing yet another lawsuit. This time, the Orange County Board of Education, Children’s Health Defense, and Children’s Health Defense California Chapter are collectively suing Newsom for what they are calling an endless State of Emergency. They argue that “his own statements prove his emergency powers are no longer justified.” They filed the lawsuit on Nov. 23. “Here, Gov. Newsom has made numerous statements about the status of our state and the status of the COVID-19 danger here in the state of California. He has very clearly articulated that the conditions have greatly become much better,” Robert Tyler, President of Faith & Freedom, told NTD television. During a press conference on Nov. 22, Newsom said there are signs of improvement. “We saw a few weeks ago, some troubling signs with case rates going up, positivity rates going up, hospitalizations, ICUs going up. That said, …

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