California Board Approves Pay Raises for Newsom, Lawmakers: Report

The California Citizens Compensation Commission (CCCC) unanimously approved pay raises on June 8 for Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) and state lawmakers. The commission, which is appointed by the governor, voted 4-0 to approve a 4.2 percent raise for Newsom and state legislators, according to The Los Angeles Times. Other state employees were already getting higher raises. The hikes for the lawmakers and the governor will take effect in December, according to CCCC Chairman Tom Dalzell. “With every other state employee getting money, I don’t know what the rationale is for not giving them,” Dalzell told the LA Times. “By any measure, California is doing very well in terms of vaccination and infection containment. The economy is moving back.” The Golden State’s lawmakers were already the highest paid in the nation prior to the raise. After the hike, state legislators will receive $119,700 per year. Newsom’s salary went up to $218,500. In addition to …

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