By Weakening the US Military, Is Biden Helping the Chinese Regime?

Commentary In a recent op-ed for the South China Morning Post, Ziyu Zang asks the following question: The United States or China, who has the stronger military? She writes, “China is pushing ahead with plans to turn the People’s Liberation Army into a modern fighting force by 2027—the centenary of its founding—as tensions with the US build.” China, she argues, is very much in the ascendancy. Worryingly, the U.S. Defense Department appears to agree with her. Although the U.S. military is still the most powerful in the world, the Biden administration appears to be doing all in its power to weaken it. By reversing Trump-era policies, President Biden is now allowing an increasing number of transgender members to serve. Not surprisingly, the decision has received praise from progressive outlets. However, Biden’s move is far from wise. In fact, it may end up costing the country dearly. Transgressive Policies One month ago, Denis McDonough, the current Secretary …

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