Buy Pet Health Insurance or Start a Pet Care Savings Account

Q: I’m considering adopting Hope, a 1-year-old cat who tested positive for the feline leukemia virus. She’s healthy now, but I know from your column that she may get sick in the future. If I could buy pet health insurance for her, I would be more likely to seek out the best treatment if her health worsens. However, I’ve been unable to find insurance that covers preexisting conditions. Should I still adopt her? I believe I’m meant to offer her a peaceful life and would appreciate your advice. A: I scanned the internet and also was unable to find pet health insurance that covers preexisting conditions. That’s not surprising, given how insurance works. Still, I am happy when my clients have pet health insurance because I know financial constraints won’t force them to make distressing decisions. Before purchasing insurance, the buyer should read the policy closely to avoid unpleasant surprises …

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