Build a Lightwell Under an Attic for a Skylight

Dear James: My living room is too dark, so I want to add a skylight. My house has a pitched roof. How can I add a skylight when there is an attic above the living room?—Colleen G. Dear Colleen: Installing a large skylight will definitely bring more natural light into your living room. The basic installation process in the roof itself is the same with a cathedral ceiling or one with an attic above it. Another simple-to-install option is a smaller tubular skylight, but you will not have a view of the sky. You will have to build a lightwell under the skylight to create an opening through the attic that connects the skylight to the living room ceiling. This is basically just a tunnel, usually tapered out larger at the ceiling than the size of the skylight. First, you must decide upon the style of skylight you want. The …

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