Bringing the Workforce Back: Manufacturers Look to Make Safer On-site Conditions

Set in the heart of San Francisco, Remi, a company which cuts out the middleman in the dental industry and manufactures teeth guards for 80 percent less than what customers pay at the dentist, launched the second week of March 2020. At the time, COVID-19 was just gaining a foothold in the United States. In the days and weeks that followed, Remi founder Oscar Adelson watched, along with the world, as regulations changed and working conditions fluctuated. “All of the plans we had laid suddenly felt unrealistic,” Adelson told The Epoch Times. Now, a year-plus later, manufacturers continue to adjust and refine their tactics. Since the industry hit its lowest employment levels since 2010 in April last year, as noted in a 2020 Deloitte analysis, managers and workers have been seeking ways to adapt and carry on. Many of the changes are helping to set new industry standards and pave …

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