BREAKING: Trump Campaign Issues Cease and Desist Order to Biden Campaign, Twitter and Facebook to Stop Running Ad Based on False and Unverified Atlantic Hit Piece on President (Video)

The Trump Campaign on Thursday delivered a cease and desist order on the Biden Campaign, Twitter and Facebook to quit running an advertisement based on the debunked and inflammatory Jeffrey Goldberg hit item from The Atlantic weekly.
Trump Campaign Senior Legal Adviser advised Charles Payne on Thursday that the Trump campaign is requesting Twitter and Facebook to become consistent.

Jenna Ellis: We sent that out from the campaign because the Biden Campaign set a false and misleading ad that’s based in the Atlantic post which is unverified anonymous sources. And Twitter and Facebook must remove this advertisement because if this had been from the Trump campaign that has been based on anonymous and false and unverified sources they’d have flagged it of course as misinformation. Are they not treating the Biden Campaign precisely the exact same?

ViaMaking Cash with Charles Payne:

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