BREAKING: New Audio Released of Joe Biden and Former Ukrainian President Poroshenko Discussing the Onyshchenko Problem — Who Was Later Poisoned

There has been A shocking tape released by Creative Destruction Media in May. The sound revealed that the telephone call between former Ukrainian President Poroshenko and Vice President Joe Biden. In the telephone Joe Biden pressures the president to fire former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.
The men talk about the shooting of then State Prosecutor Shokin so as to prevent an investigation to Hunter Biden Biden’s son, along with other criminal actions.
Victor Shokin was exploring Joe Biden’s son Hunter in the time along with his work at Burisma Holdings.
Poroshenko tells Joe Biden he fired Shokin and complied.

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Creative Destruction Media submitted the telephone along with transcript.
Transcribed in the Video—–

Poroshenko: (7:10 mark) I have some good news… Yesterday I moved and chair together with the general prosecutor’s office.

Poroshenko: …. I especially asked him to resign… as his position as a state prosecutor… He claimed to provide me statement of his resignation… One hour gave me statement of his presentation.
Joe Biden: (10:20 mark) I am ready to some public signing to get a commitment for a billion dollars. I am not suggesting that you need it or don’t need it. I am suggesting that is what I am ready to do. Again it will not be finalized… Let me when you and I finished talking let me huddle together with my team… I concur with you there is a sense of urgency .
Joe Biden — (14:30 minute mark) Congratulations in receiving the new Prosecutor General. I know there’s a whole lot more to this. I really think that is good. It is going to be crucial that he works to fix the damage of Shokin. I am a person of the word. Now that the new prosecutor general is in place we’re prepared to move forward to signing just one billion dollar loan guarantee. And I don’t know how you would like to go about this… I will leave it for you to how you need it where you need it completed.

The sound has been included in this media conference that was Ukrainian.
Which brings us
CD Media reports–

More sound tapes have been published now in Ukraine in which Joe Biden talks with tainted former President Petro Poroshenko. The two talk ruining oligarch Alexander Onyshchenko, that published corruption signs in 2016 against Poroshenko. Onyshchenko fled the country.

Onyshchenko was poisoned.
According to CD Media:

Because he traveled into the United States to testify against Biden Ukrainian authorities at 2019 at Germany arrested on an Interpol warrant onyshchenko.

Read the rest here in CD Media.