Breaking ground on a Jewish School in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is rapidly becoming a friend of Israel and to Jews, thanks to the Abraham Accords.

The Accords, negotiated by the Trump Administration along with Bibi Netanyahu, normalized relations between Israel, Bahrain, the UAE. Sudan normalized relations soon after, as did Morocco.

Jared Kushner spearheaded the negotiations. If a Democrat administration had accomplished anything 1/2 as momentous a Nobel Peace Prize for all involved would have resulted. But when reviled figures such as Trump, Kushner, and Netanyahu are involved the Left just shrugs and goes back to cozying up to our enemy Iran.

In what should be seen as momentous events, the UAE is both integrating the Holocaust into its school curriculum, and ground has been broken on a new Jewish school in Abu Dhabi. It was announced on Twitter by the Israeli Ambassador to the UAE.

I read about the UAE including the Holocaust in its school curriculum on Monday, and also discovered they have a Holocaust gallery in Dubai. This is truly remarkable, given the decades of hostility not just to Israel but to jews in the Arab world.

The United Arab Emirates plans to teach school students about the Holocaust, signalling warming ties with Israel, a country that is widely condemned in the Arab world over the Palestinian conflict.

The wealthy Gulf state’s move comes after it agreed to normalise ties with Israel under the US-brokered 2020 Abraham Accords along with Bahrain and Morocco, years after Egypt and Jordan had forged relations.

At Dubai’s Holocaust Gallery — the only permanent exhibition on Arab soil about Nazi Germany’s genocide of European Jews — visitor Andreas Duhn praised the education initiative, the first in the region outside Israel.

“It’s good that the UAE is taking a lead in the Arab world on this hugely important part of history that everyone should know about,” said the 38-year-old British finance professional who lives in Dubai.

“It shows that things are changing.”

Duhn visited the exhibit after hearing that the UAE will become the first Arab country to include the Holocaust, the Nazis’ systematic murder of millions of Jews and other groups, in its state school curriculum.

The Abraham Accords were among the most consequential agreements in recent history. The world marveled when Jimmy Carter managed to broker peace between Israel and Egypt, but because the Accords were negotiated by Jared Kushner, backed by Trump, and involved the hated Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu the news was pretty much buried.

Conservatives are supposed to be warmongers, right?

Ironically, what brought the parties together was Trump’s rejection of negotiations with Iran, which is hostile to the Sunni Arab countries as well as Israel. The common threat concentrated the minds of all involved, and Trump’s willingness to back all these countries in their conflicts with Iran became a catalyst for negotiations.

The Obama Administration did everything wrong with regard to the Middle East. Their insistence on dealing with Iran was disastrous, and Trump’s course reversal was a masterstroke.

You can see the results. Normalized relations, economic ties and development, and an opening of cultural ties. All good.

I would be willing to bet that few Americans have even heard of the Abraham Accords, despite being quite recent and extremely consequential. That has everything to do with the MSM’s attitude toward Trump, Kushner and Netanyahu and nothing to do with their significance.

Decades from now they will be recognized as perhaps Trump’s most significant achievement. As I said before, he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

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