BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: OBAMA KNEW – Friday’s Document Release Shows Assessment of Hillary’s Emails Performed by ODNI, NSC and State Department In October 2009

Another ton of files were published Friday by the FBI while she was Obama’s Secretary of State associated with Hillary Clinton misuse.  These documents contain outrageous information that should have been published years ago and naturally tainted cop Peter Strzok is included.
The FBI published documents related to Hillary Clinton’s emails last Friday.  These documents were long over due.  In 1 record, a letter consists of tainted cop and former FBI Agent Peter Strzok, requesting an appraisal of Hillary’s emails that was performed by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)and also the National Security Counsel (NSC) and the Department of State (DoS) in October of 2009:

Strzok’s request letter is dated at January 2016, at exactly the time Strzok was top Hillary Clinton’s bogus email investigation in which she obtained off despite numerous actions associated with her emails.

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Strzok also asks that the recipient of his request to not disclose the existence of the inquiry. 
This letter suggests there was an assessment of Hillary’s emails in 2009 and the assessment has been completed by three entities (that the ODNI, both the NSC and the DoS).  This implies that in case the assessment has been made, that there’s not any uncertainty President Obama could have seen it and since it involved those bureaus.
The more that comes from crimes by the Obama Administration and the corruption along with his Secretary of State,” Hillary Clinton.

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