BLM Protest Leader Behind Outrageous Assault on Troy, New York Church Is City of Albany Employee Who Mentors Kids with his “Personal Story of Redemption”

Last weekend a Barbarous BLM mob targeted New York Church, at Troy.

The BLM mob assaulted Christians on the steps of this church and interrupted the sermon screaming profanities.
The BLM mob has been screaming”We’re not trying to find violence!” As they dragged parishioners!
The violent mob then went inside and cried”Black Lives Matter!” Through the sermon.

– Peaceful Protest: BLM Thug Harasses, Threatens White School Kids in Their Trip to DC (VIDEO)

More video…
The BLM mob cried walking two young kids and carrying a kid.

Activist Lukee Forbes directed Even the BLM protesters.
Lukee is well known at the Troy community.

Lukee Forbes, is one of the people who fomented violence using a bullhorn and supposedly physically assaulted folks past Sunday.
Troy is just across the Hudson River in Albany.  And Lukee Forbes is an employee of the Town of Albany in one.
On Monday the Times Union wrote a particular tribute to both Lukee Forbes who serves as neighborhood coordinator for the non-profit Individuals Uniting Service or PULSE and the program assistant for the City of Albany.

According to the Times Union,”Lukee is a speaker and lecturer who outreaches to young individuals by sharing his personal narrative of salvation.”

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