Black Man Who Sucker-Punched 12-Year-Old Street Dancer Charged with Two Felonies, But Cops Are Still Searching For Him – Family Not Cooperating

Two boys were street dance Friday night at Cape Girardeau, MO with their instructor Michael’Crank’ Curry.
That’s when a vehicle pulled over, a black guy jumped out and he sucker-punched the 12-year-old kid.
Then he jumped back into his car and sped away.
Police were able to ID Cedric Charles Moore Jr., the black guy who punched the 12-year-old from the unprovoked attack, after viewing the video of this assault obtained by Michael’Crank’ Curry.

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Cedric Charles Moore Jr. 2017 mugshot released by Cape Girardeau Police Department
Moore charged with two felonies they are still looking for him.
In accordance with TMZ, the authorities have visited with various places Moore is known to regular, nonetheless law enforcement is currently getting zero cooperation from some of their family and friends.
TMZ reported:

The scumbag who sucker punched on a 12-year-old boy dance has been charged with two felonies, however, cops are still looking for him.
Cedric Charles Moore Jr. has been charged with felony assault in the second degree and felony child endangerment in the first degree because of the age of the victim as well as the violence of this act… according to cops at Cape Girardeau, MO..
Cops say after viewing footage of this unprovoked attack that went Friday a little after 11:30 PM, that they had the ability to ID Moore. Cape Girardeau PD says officers have been to different places he is known to frequent and Moore’s house, but they’re getting no cooperation in family and your friends.
The bail of Moore ‘s already put at $50k money only , when they do find him.

“I appreciate the police department for taking the case so badly, and that I know my son appreciates it too. I really don’t think I will feel some relief until he is arrested. As of today it is only words on paper there has not been any real consequence,” the victim’s mom, Stephanie Hagler informed TMZ.
The CGPD stated to be charged with a’hate crime,’ it wouldn’t be in the best interest of the victim.
“[A hate crime] bill would only apply if the assault was categorized to a lesser level, which wouldn’t be in the best interest of searching for true justice for the victim,” the CGPD advised TMZ.

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