Black Communities Succeed When They Have a Purpose in Life, Not Welfare: Gun Rights Activist

To truly help people in black communities to succeed in life is to teach them how to find purpose in life and to defend that purpose, said Maj Toure, founder of the 2nd Amendment organization Black Guns Matter.
Toure teaches people at the Solutionary Center in Philadelphia how they can defend themselves, but he argues that it is not enough just to teach this alone. A person may not have any value in life, or they may feel depressed because they don’t see the purpose in life, he argues.
The holistic approach to help black communities succeed is to show them how to find their purpose and vocation in life, how to build “the equity of their property value,” and to empower them by teaching them how to defend their bodies and their highest property—their lives—Toure explained in a recent interview for EpochTV’s “Crossroads” program….

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