Biden’s First Firing Takes on New Significance Amid China’s Propaganda

Commentary Within the first hour of Joe Biden’s presidency, the commander in chief fired a little-known figure running an agency most Americans have likely never heard of. Yet that firing was symbolically and substantively significant. Its significance has only grown two months into an administration that has conferred legitimacy on the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) narratives with respect to America’s purported moral failings—providing it a major propaganda coup—and messaged still further weakness to our other adversaries. The opening act in President Biden’s purge of Trump administration officials was the sacking of Michael Pack. (Full disclosure: Pack is an acquaintance of mine going back to his time as president of the Claremont Institute, where I am a fellow.) Pack, producer of more than a dozen Public Broadcasting Service documentaries on America, and past senior employee of U.S. international broadcasting entities, was an eminently qualified (pdf) choice for president of the U.S. …

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