‘Bidenflation’, Border Crisis Drawing Hispanic Voters to GOP in South Texas Midterms: Analysts

Republicans could pick up as many as three seats in the House of Representatives in Texas as Hispanic voters are reeling from the effect that inflation has had on businesses, while the border crisis has made some Hispanics wonder whether the Democrats really are the party that cares about them, say experts.
In play are South Texas districts 15, which is a new district; the 28th district where an embattled Democratic incumbent is trying to stave off progressives and the GOP; and the 34th district where a sudden Democrat retirement opens the door for conservatives.
The general consultant for Texas’ Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who is facing reelection this year, told the Epoch Times that the GOP is poised to win races all up and down the ballot in Texas, thanks, in part, to the appeal Republicans have with Hispanics voters, which Abbott has worked hard to win over.

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