Biden Should Shift China Tariffs From American Importers to Chinese Exporters

Commentary On July 19, The Epoch Times published an exclusive interview with Dr. Peter Navarro, an economist and one of President Donald Trump’s main architects of tariffs on $360 billion worth of China’s exports to the United States. “In a world of unfair trade, tariffs represent an essential tool to level the playing field for American workers and manufacturers to compete against all manner of trade cheating and sweatshop labor,” Dr. Navarro wrote. “The Trump Administration saved America’s steel and aluminum industries with tariffs that defended against unfair and massive dumping.” Tariffs are critical to protecting America’s industrial and technological base from China’s predatory trade practices. Yet, the Biden administration is hinting at a cancellation of Trump’s China tariffs. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on July 16, “My own personal view is that tariffs were not put in place on China in a way that was very thoughtful with respect …

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