Biden Holds An ‘Ask Me Anything’ On Instagram — Doesn’t Answer A Single Question!

Ask me anything” The post included a entry box in which Instagrammers could ask questions.
As of Thursday afternoon, Biden has not yet answered any questions, and the story has died, the New York Post reports.

He has, nevertheless, posted nine pictures, videos and other pictures to his own profile since uploading the story telling his followers he’d be answering questions.
One of the movies was of his dialogue with rap superstar Cardi B, where the two discussed what her policy priorities had been moving to the 2020 election.

“I have a whole collection of items that I need our second president to perform for us. But first, I only need [President] Trump out,” she informed Biden.

Normally, celebrities declare an AMA (ask me anything), wait a couple of hours for questions to enter and post their replies. But maybe not for Biden. “Currently, Biden’s Instagram story only contains one long video divided into two posts. In it, the former vice president President Trump because of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.”
Biden rarely takes questions from strangers, and nowhe does not take them from regular folks, either.
The Trump campaign immediately mocked Biden. “Lol Joe Biden’s staff submitted’I am answering your questions. Ask me anything!’ On his Instagram story 14 hours ago and they’ve yet to post any questions or answers,”  wrote Abigail Marone, a member of the Trump effort’s rapid response staff.

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