Biden Foreign Policy a Mystery So Far

Commentary After little over month in office it remains a mystery whether the president and his senior collaborators are earnestly baring their innermost thoughts about the foreign and strategic policy the new administration intends to pursue, or are pursuing the authentic interests of the United States, while taking advantage of the abrasions caused by the previous administration to try to put a more conciliatory facade on a policy that is only marginally different. Because of the surrealistically nasty presidential campaign and the even more fraught post-election interregnum, the Biden administration tried to sell itself to the American public as a government that could pursue America’s legitimate ambitions in the world much more successfully than its predecessor by a more emollient approach to other countries. There is plenty of precedent for this sort of transition. The Eisenhower administration came to office in 1953 promising the “liberation” of all of Eastern Europe. …

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