Automakers Tackle Patent Hurdle in Quest for In-Car Tech

STOCKHOLM/BERLIN—Over a dozen automakers including Toyota and Nissan, have signed up with a platform for patent licences from 51 tech companies, aiming to simplify access to wireless technology and avoid costly legal battles.
Conflicts have stemmed in part from different views among carmakers, suppliers, and tech firms over who should shoulder the cost of licensing.
Through independent licensing marketplace Avanci, carmakers gain access to patents for 2G, 3G, and 4G technology from the likes of Finland’s Nokia, Sweden’s Ericcson, and Taiwan’s Acer for everything from navigation systems to sensors for automated driving.
Avanci charges a flat fee of $20 per car, increased this month from $15 previously, with the money distributed among patent holders. The new signings – which also include Renault, Stellantis, and Honda—mean 80–85 percent of cars with 2G technology or higher are licensed through the platform, Avanci vice president Mark Durrant said in an interview….

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