Authorities Now Investigating Whether Wendy’s Arsonist Natalie White is Also Girlfriend of Rayshard Brooks (VIDEO)

A week ago on Saturday night protesters torched the Wendy’s restaurant in Atlanta after Rayshard Brooks’ death.
One video that moved viral online indicates ally and a woman of Dark Lives Issue.

The woman is seen pouring lighter fluid within the restaurant.


That night the leftist protesters destroyed the Wendy’s restaurant.
Atlanta police identified Natalie White as the arsonist of the Wendy .
Officials are attempt to locate the far left arsonist.
The Atlanta fire officials released photos of Natalie White buying equipment until she lit the Wendy’s on fire on Saturday.
Note that she’s wearing the same clothing as during her criminal activity.
During his arrest  Rayshard Brooks mentioned a woman”Natalie White” to authorities the night that he had been killed.
Police are currently investigating if the arsonist Natalie White is linked to Rayshard Brooks.

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