Australian Man Apologises to Health Staff for Self-Injecting COVID-19 Vaccine

The Northern Territory man who self-injected a COVID-19 vaccine at a clinic in Coolalinga, southeast of Darwin in Australia’s north, has apologised to health workers for his actions, NT News reported on Thursday. In a statement, he explained that he was not against vaccines, but rather the vaccine mandate, and accepted that his actions may have come across as threatening. This comes after the man, who did not wish to be named, allegedly entered the Coolalinga clinic to receive his second COVID-19 shot on Tuesday in an agitated state. According to NT Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker, the man indicated that he was not happy with the process and caused a disturbance. “He pushed one of the hands away of one of our staff and grabbed the needle and injected himself with the vaccine,” Chalker said. Chalker called the behaviour inappropriate and not something that should be tolerated. He added that …

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