Australia Should Take Beijing to the United Nations Over Taiwan: Diplomacy Expert

The Australian government should take the Taiwan issue to the United Nations for a vote as a circuit breaker to smother any potential military conflict in the Taiwan Strait, according to a diplomacy expert. “I think Australia could lead the charge to call Beijing’s bluff by bringing the issue before the United Nations,” Joseph Siracusa, adjunct professor of the political history of international diplomacy at Curtin University, says. “This could be done early in a conflict, or on the cusp of a conflict, or it can be done tomorrow,” he told The Epoch Times. “That’s where Australia’s greatest strength is. Then if the West wins the case, led by Australia, then the whole world would be obliged to support Taiwan in case of the Chinese invasion,” he added. The move would trigger a paradigm shift away from costly militarisation in the East China Sea and towards a diplomatic platform, potentially …

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