Attorney General Bill Barr Sets CBS’s Margaret Brennan Straight Over Fake News Reports on DC Riots (VIDEO)

US Attorney General William Barr on Sunday Talked to CBS’s”Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan Concerning the Continuing George Floyd riots.

As per normal, CBS’s Margaret Brennan did her very best to distribute fake propaganda and news by claiming the protests have been”mostly calm,” however, Bill Barr ruined all her talking points.
“A senior administration official told our CBS’s David Martin which at a meeting at the White House on Monday morning, the President demanded that 10,000 active-duty troops be arranged to American streets — Is this accurate?” Brennan asked Barr.
“No, that is completely false. That is completely false,” Barr responded.

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Her news propaganda was dismantled by barr and explained the DC police had told him at a meeting which the riots on Sunday night in Washington would be the most barbarous in 30 decades.
“And there’d been a riot directly across Lafayette Park. I was called over and asked the Defense Department would provide whatever assistance I needed and when I would coordinate federal agencies or we needed to protect property national — federal personnel, at the White House. The decision was made to get at the ready and on hand at the area some normal troops,” Barr explained.
Later on in the interview, Margaret Brennan called the violent rioters as”peaceful protesters” and Barr called out the lying media.
“Did you think it was appropriate for them to use smoke bombs, tear gas, pepper chunks, projectiles at what seemed to be peaceful protesters?” Brennan asked Barr.
Barr responded,”They weren’t peaceful protesters. And that is one of the huge lies that the media isseems to be perpetuating at this stage.”

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