As Beijing Takes Aim at Algorithms, Algorithms Take Aim at Americans

Commentary For months now, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been cracking down on big tech companies. Now, it has algorithms in its crosshairs. At the end of August, the Cyberspace Administration of China released a set of guidelines, replete with 30 different “suggestions.” Ostensibly, the new rules are intended to stop algorithms from manipulating users. However, as authors at TechCrunch note, “Beijing is clearly wary of how purely machine-recommended content can stray away from values propagated by the Communist Party and even lead to the detriment of national interests. In its mind, algorithms should strictly align with the interest of the nation.” According to the new policy, algorithmic recommendations should align with mainstream values and national security initiatives. Article 4 reads as follows: “Algorithm recommendation service providers shall abide by laws and regulations, respect social morality and ethics, abide by business ethics and professional ethics, and abide by the …

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