Ancient Tales of Wisdom: Confucius Discusses the Fate of a Nation

Ancient tales of wisdom remind us of the traditions and moral values that have been treasured all over the world. We hope the stories and messages in our Tales of Wisdom series help uplift the hearts and minds of our readers. This retold tale is one of many audio stories from the discontinued “Ancient Tales of Wisdom” program by the Sound of Hope Radio Network, now transcribed and printed here for the enjoyment of our readers. Listen to the audio story, or read it below, and be transported into another world! Listen to Audio Story:     King Lu Ai Gong asked Confucius, “Is it true that the fate of a nation is determined by heaven and not just the actions of men?” Confucius answered, “The fate of your country will depend on your own actions. Special phenomena cannot alone change the fate of your nation.” The king said, “Okay. …

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